Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thomasville Antiques Show... Part One

A few weekends ago, Adrian and I had the pleasure of attending the 2011 Thomasville Antiques Show... we had an absolutely wonderful time, and left feeling inspired...
which is just what these tired interior designers needed!!

Thomasville, Georgia is my husband's hometown, and it has become one of my favorite places! His family also has a farm just outside of Thomasville, in the tiny little town of Pavo. A few years ago, Adrian, J.T., Jared, and I spent a weekend at the farm, and had the best time... in fact, I don't think I've ever laughed so much in a span of 48 hours! So, when Adrian and I decided to attend the Antiques Show, we decided that we had to stay at the farm again... and the husbands had to tag along... and other friends from Saint Simons... and have a belated birthday bash for Jared... and have a morning quail hunt too! It was one of the most fun-filled weekends full of my favorite things: great interior design, antiques, downtown Thomasville, my husband, close friends,
the farm, good food and wine, and LOTS of laughter!!

The first event of the weekend: "Passion for Design" a lecture by Carolyne Roehm.
Many of you know, Carolyne Roehm is one of my favorite designers, and simply put- I'm in awe of her talent in every arena. From reading her books, I knew that Carolyne had impeccable taste when it came to fashion, interiors, gardening, and entertainig... from attending her lecture, I now know all of that is very true PLUS she has a great sense of humor! Carolyne captured our attention with the story of her beloved historic home Weatherstone... which she had to re-build after a tragic fire, tales of her mischevious little puppies (I was relieved I'm not the only designer whose dog chews furniture!), her love of classical architecture, and details her most recent project in Aspen.
Carolyne's beloved home Weatherstone in Connecticut

A great view of the double-height living room in Carolyne's New York apartment.
Double-height living rooms are a favorite design feature of Carolyne's- her home Weatherstone and a recently designed home in Aspen also feature double-height living rooms.
The walls are upholstered in chocolate velvet- how divine!

While Carolyne's New York living room is architecturally phenomenal, she shared with us that her bedroom is at the back of the apartment and left much to be desired. This is why she covered everything in that fabulous Cowtan and Tout print.
I found that most interesting, as it is one of my all-time favorite bedrooms!

The exterior of Westbury in Aspen, Colorado,
the home Carolyne designed for her friend Simon.

Double-height Living Room
The yellow walls are most cheery during the cold, bleak Aspen winters.
I love the direction that Carolyne took when designing this home-
she worked closely with the architect, and also decided to go against the "dark hunting lodge feel" like so many other homes in the area.
The Breakfast Room at Westbury was inspired by Carolyne's grandmother's breakfast room.
How cozy!

Bart Boehlert posted a video of his interview with Carolyne on his blog "Bartt Boehlert's Beautiful Things": which is most intriguing.

As this post has turned out to be very long... and I could still just go on and on and on!... I'll continue the details of the Richard Keith Langham lecture and our time at the farm later in the week!!


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